Abnormality File #002
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AF-002 in containment.

Abnormality File #: AF-002

Hazard Level: Green

Abnormal Characteristics: Item AF-002 is a large block of glass. Painted on the surface of the glass is a red silhouette of ████ ███████ (deceased). The substance, although smelling like standard canvas paint, is identical to human blood in chemical make up.

Anyone who views the object without proper visual protection, will see detailed features within the image on the glass. Photos do not trigger this effect. Within fifteen minutes of exposure, viewers began to identify the painted figure as being a loved one, often a parental figure, or if they lack such a figure emotionally, a spouse or previous love.

Within thirty minutes of viewing the item, the subject will begin identifying the image as the loved one mentioned previously. They will attempt to break the glass with any near by objects to "free" them. The glass, however, as testing has shown, is extremely resistant to damage if not outright indestructible. When the initial attempts fail, subjects will invariably begin attempting to break it via punches, forearm strikes, and headbutts. If no intervention is taken, subjects will continue until they are incapacitated due to severe bone fractures, concussions, and in one case, brain hemmorhaging.

Protocols of Containment: Due to the effect of this abnormality, AF-002 must not be viewed directly. The only exception is via video surveillance or a two way mirror. When not involved with testing, item is to be stored in a standard containment unit, and covered with a sheet to prevent any accidental exposure to it's effects.

Furthermore, testing is to be conducted in a padded containment cell, with medical staff on standby. Research staff are to conduct experimentation via video surveillance.

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