Abnormality File #003
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Abnormality File #: AF-003

Hazard Level: Green

Abnormal Characteristics: A 15gb thumb drive. Creator is not known. Stored on the thumb drive is a file labeled 'After.exe'. Executing the File will result in an instant shut down of any computer it is currently plugged into. After 15 seconds, the computer reboots with a chat window. The chat window reads as follows

Enter AFTER? Y/N

If the user selects Yes, it continues

> Enter AFTER? Y/N

> Yes

> Entering. Welcome [User]. I am the 
Program. You may call me AFTER. How may I be of assistance?

This program is capable of answering any question about any subject, no matter the topic. In testing it has correctly stated the Social Security Number, Birthdate, Date of Incarceration and Full Birth Name of a N-Level Personnel.

The only questions it does not know is it's own origin or who programmed it. Additionally, the program can not be removed or deleted from the flash drive. It can however remain permanently open on any computer, so long as the drive remains plugged in.

Addendum: Following the interview with Dr. Stone, the program has shown the ability to save conversation with memory and over time has shown signs of Self Awareness. AF-001 has passed the Turing Test, and staff are requested to engage in friendly conversation outside of asking AFTER questions. Investigation into the true purpose of it's creation are on going, as is decryption on the program's creator.

Protocols of Containment: When not in use, the memory unit containing AF-003 is to be kept in a standard storage area. Personnel of Level I or higher are permitted to use AFTER with supervision.

Discovery of Abnormality: Abnormality was discovered in the New York Public Library after multiple complaints about a malfunctioning PC. The thumb drive was plugged into the back of the machine.

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