Abnormality File #004
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The entity, upon initial discovery

Abnormality File #: AF-004

Hazard Level: Yellow

Abnormal Characteristics: Entity is approximately 2.3 meters in height. It is humanoid in appearance, but testing reveals traces of primate, bovine, and swine DNA. Entity is capable of unhinging it's jaw, not unlike a snake. The limit of these capabilities are unknown, but theorized to be limitless. Interior of the jaw is lined with six rows of what appear to be human canine teeth. The surface of the skin is similar to a chemical burn victim, and a scent emanates from it, often described as being similar to that rotting meat, specifically rotting pork or beef

Entity is only capable of one vocalization, saying the phrase "I am Meat" at random intervals, regardless of company, or lack thereof, present.

The entity's diet is omnivorous, though most consists of meat. Entity has shown willingness to consume any, and all, possibly edible material. This includes structural foundations, vehicles, animals, and humans. It should be noted that entity has never attempted to consume entire structures. It is unknown whether it is not capable of doing so, or simply unwilling.

AF-004's behavior is predatory in nature. While it's capable of eating any material, it has preference for humans. It is also capable of repairing any damage sustained via ingestion of flesh. Direct skin to skin contact may WILL result into assimilation.

Testing has shown AF-004 being reach speeds exceeding 100 km/h. Entity has shown to be capable of destroying any material in pursuit of prey, by either consumption of the impeding material or, penetration of the material by the entity.

However, AF-004 shows little signs of intelligence, or outright malevolence.

Protocols of Containment: AF-004 is to be kept in a cell, reinforced with sixteen inch thick steel plating. Under no circumstances, are personnel to enter the cell of AF-004, unless the entity is properly sedated via a tranquilizing gas. Any interactions AF-004 are to be performed via EXP-level personnel. Any interactions with the entity while sedated, is to be performed with two (2) armed guards present at all times. Any direct physical contact must be undertaken while wearing protective gear to prevent direct skin to skin contact.

Discovery of Abnormality: "After numerous complaints about a rancid smell coming from the vacant apartment sparked an investigation, and the landlord unbolted the door to let us through. A man completely covered in what appeared to be rotten meat sown to his skin stood in the doorway of the dining room area. When approached, the man spoke in a dialect of which we couldn’t translate but a member of our team played the audio back from the [redacted] chest cam and played it on repeat and got only the words I Am Meat from playback.

We attempted to calm him, but after a half hour or so of him repeating the phrase "I am Meat", entity attacked a member of my team. Attempts to neutralize the threat entirely was a failure, however direct headshots did knock out the fucker. Agent ████ was declared KIA.

It's lucky you Eggheads at the bureau want to study it. If it were up to me, it'd be tossed in an incinerator. "

- Field Agent ████████

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