Abnormality File #005
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Abnormality File #: AF-005


A photo of "Bonnie" taken by her owner.

Hazard Level: Green

Abnormal Characteristics: AF-005 is a feline of unknown, possibly mixed breed. Answers to the name 'Bonnie'. Most notable physical attribute is the lack of fur of any kind around it's face or mouth, and it's inability to grow fur in those areas. Secondly, is the felines vocalizations instead being a screeching of metal instead of a normal 'meow'.

The main abnormality as far as the cat is concerned is the fact it vanishes after entrance of any doorway. No traces are found. Owner claims “Bonnie” has a favourite spot in the ventilation system where “she” yells for companionship. She can manifest in areas not normally accessible from ventilation units once she enters the ventilation system of the building. This includes enclosed rooms with no ventilation ports of any kind.

Protocols of Containment: Due to both the nature of the abnormalities associated with Bonnie, as well as the relative harmlessness of said traits, containment is unnecessary if not impossible. Surveillance of "Bonnie" and her owner, Agent ████████, is to be carried out, in the event the cat becomes dangerous to either her owner, or reality.

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