Abnormality File #006
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Abnormality File #: AF-006

Hazard Level: Green.

Abnormal Characteristics: AF-006 consists of two items. AF-006-A is a standard telephone booth. Every three days, the phone will begin to ring. Any individual who answers the phone will be unable to hang up. AF-006-B is the unknown entity that calls the phone.

The entity will address the individual by name. When interviewed, the entity displayed a high intelligence, with knowledge on any given subject, as well as details on the individual to whom its speaking to. Entity is affable, and enjoys conversation. However, the entity is also somewhat manipulative. See Interview Document AF-006 for further details.

Attempts to trace the calls location have all been met with failure, as has attempting to dismantle the phone, or wire tapping the phone. Any type of alteration or damage done to the phone results in [REDACTED], with a 65% mortality rate to those involved.

Protocols of Containment: Item is stored in standard object containment block 5C at Site-21. Any calls received should be documented. Personnel security Level II or higher is required to interact with AF-006-B.

Discovery of Abnormality: It is unknown when or how the Bureau acquired AF-006. Any documentation about the discovery or containment of AF-006 has been lost.

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