Abnormality File #007
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Abnormality File #: AF-007

Hazard Level: Red

Abnormal Characteristics: AF-007 is a set of cast iron doors, located in the Siberian tundra. They are approximately six meters tall, and eight meters wide, each, with no support structure to hold them in place. Despite their location, Gates remain at 350° F consistently.

At random intervals, the doors will open, revealing a large castle behind them, beginning what's been designated a "Gateway Event". They will remain open for sixteen hours. During this period, entities collectively designated AF-007-A through AF-007-G will emerge from within the structure, and hunt any nearby humans, and kill them in a variety of methods. Entities can be "killed" with effort, however, they, or identical entities, will emerge during the next Gateway Event. See Addendum "AF-007 entities" for details.

Protocols of Containment: A minimum of six teams of Class III Security Personnel are to be stationed at Outpost AF-007. Security check ins are to be done every six hours, daily. If security teams fail to report, Cerberus Unit 3-Gamma ("Van Helsing") is to be deployed to eliminate any hostile entities. Researchers stationed at Outpost AF-007 are to study footage of previous emergence events to determine attack patterns, or improved methods of elimination of the entities.

Discovery of Abnormality: Item was discovered after a tip from the Russian Government, concerning a number of disappearances within the area. Outpost AF-007 was constructed after the first Gateway Event.

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