Abnormality File #008
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Abnormality File #: AF-008

Hazard Level: Green Red

Abnormal Characteristics: AF-008 is a city located at the coordinates ██° █' N, ██° ██' W in the ████████ Ocean. Despite its location, exploration is possible via submersible. Through unknown means, no water enters the city, despite its location. Water pressure also has no effects on any creature within 2 kilometers of the city. Many buildings in the city follow Non-Euclidean architecture. Personnel are freely allowed to explore the city Under no circumstances are personnel to enter the city. Exploration is to be performed via Remote Submersible. See Report AF-008 12B for details.

Entities located within the city, designated AF-008-A, are friendly towards humans not to be trusted. Any attempts to communicate should be reported. Any sightings of AF-008-A near the waters surface to be reported, and approached with caution terminated on sight, via a shot to the head.

AF-008-A are a species of bipedal amphibious entities. They can swim upwards of 50mph, and have been observed to have a culture not unlike south american tribes. They have been very welcoming towards research personnel They are extremely intelligent, and have been observed to be technologically advanced, comparable to mid 20th century Europe. They are deceptive and are known to be hostile towards any non-native life form. Technologically, they have accelerated at an alarming rate.

AF-008-A entities engage in worship of an entity named ████████████████, hereby designated AF-008-B, Without proper training and protection, this beings name, in both text and audio form, causes an extreme urge to go to the city. Any attempt to stop this will be met with extreme violence. Study of the culture of AF-008-A's culture reveals this to be a "Goddess of the Red Seas". Any non native being found within the city walls for more than fourteen days are ritualistically sacrificed to this being. Exploration of the crypts beneath the city (as guided by an instance of AF-008-A) revealed a massive creature beneath. Though its size and form are not known at this time, the eye of the creature was estimated to have a circumference of 115 meters.

Protocols of Containment: Any and all seismic activity in the vicinity of AF-008 is to be reported. Any attempts by AF-008-A to communicate is to be reported. No response is to be given. Patrols are to be undertaken to prevent civilian discovery of AF-008. Due to the unknown nature of AF-008-B, there are no containment plans in place for the entity. If AF-008-B is detected to leave the city, Site AF-008-Alpha's On-Site Nuclear Warhead is to be detonated, and Hazard Level will be raised to Black

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