Abnormality File #009
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Abnormality File #: AF-009

Hazard Level: Yellow

Abnormal Characteristics: AF-009 is a coal mine located in ████████, Pennsylvania. Due to its effects on the surrounding area, the town of ████████ was evacuated, under the guise of an underground coal fire. Note: As of 20██, Bureau personnel have been permitted to inhabit designated areas of █████████, for convenience of on-site security.

The area has been separated into three subdivisions, based on level of danger for personnel. The Coal mine, and one mile from its entrance, has been designated AF-009-Ω. The mine is not to be entered by personnel under any circumstances. Research personnel are to be accompanied by six members of security at all times. AF-009-∆ requires at least two members of security personnel as escort at all times, and is the town itself. AF-009-α is safe for personell to traverse without security forces, and designated regions of AF-009-α have been deemed safe forr habitation.. See Document: "AF-009 Abnormalities" for further details.

The abnormalities located within the mine, and the surrounding area, are numerous. Abnormalities originating from the mine have been designated AF-009-Ω-A. Other abnormalities from the surrounding area are designated AF-009-∆-A. See Document: "AF-009 Abnormalities"

Protocols of Containment: The town has been evacuated, and personnel located within Site
AF-009 have been permitted to live on site, or within Area AF-009-α due to low risk of exposure to abnormalities.

Security checkpoints have been placed at the border regions of AF-009-∆ and AF-009-Ω. Personnel located within AF-009-Ω are to wear protective gear due to risk of breathing in hazardous materials.

During an AF-009-∆ transition event, Personnel are required to remain with Site AF-009. Security Personnel are to be on rotating shifts. If the site is compromised by a transition event, a Cerberus Unit is to be deployed to secure Site AF-009.

Personnel are reminded to ignore any human-like sounds from within the mine.

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