Abnormality File #010
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A Photograph of the entity described in this document.

Abnormality File #: AF-010

Hazard Level: Red

Abnormal Characteristics:

This is an entity near the top of the ARC most wanted list. It's thought to be responsible for approximately 2.4 million abductions yearly. Little is know about this entity. It always abducts children, under the age of 13. It's targets are random, and it only acts on days holy or formerly holy to Christianity. This includes events not celebrated locally in locations visitied. Some reports have it having had existed for at least two centuries. Eye witness reports detail the abductions having three stages.

Stage One:

Sounds of walking on rooftops. This occurs at every site of abduction. This includes places with out a traditional roof (middle floor apartments for example). If there is a fireplace with a lit fire, the fire is put out.

Stage Two:

Entity enters the home. This is accompanied by the smell of gingerbread, pine trees, and mint. Regardless of home layout, the entity will go to the nearest child's bedroom.

Stage Three:

1-2 children, under age thirteen, are abducted. This occurred no matter the number of children. (No matter the number of children in the home. Families of three or more children only report two children disappearing.) He puts the abducted children in a bag, according to witnesses and security footage. Due to the sheer number of disappearances, it's theorized that it is either infinite, or contains a pocket dimension of some sort.

After the abduction, a lump of coal is left in their beds. The children are never heard from again. It should be noted this occurs regardless of the family's ethnicity or religion. A number of "sting" operations have been made to capture this entity but all failed. The only known photo of the entity is attached to this file.

Protocols of Containment:

At this time, AF-010 is uncontained. Sites of most frequent abductions, often within Siberia, Nova Scotia, and Alaska, are to be monitored for reports of child abductions. Capture of AF-010 is of utmost importance. Any abductions that occur within the families of Bureau personnel are to be investigated as a priority above other cases, due to the comparative ease of investigating these cases.

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