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Abnormality File #: AF-019

Hazard Level: Red

Abnormal Characteristics: This report consists of two AF-019s. AF-019-1 is the body of American labor union leader James Riddle Hoffa. The body has not suffered from decomposition since his death on ██/██/19██ due to a substance of unknown origin, hereby referred to AF-019-2, coating the corpse. Attempts to remove the substance, or otherwise employ the use of the substance, have resulted in failure. However, removal of pieces of tissue from the body have been successful.

Examination of the tissue, and skin cells, have revealed the substance being a parasitic disease of unknown origin. Exposure to AF-019-2 without proper protection results in infection, consisting of three stages. See addendum AF-019-2-A for details of infection.

Examination of AF-019-1's brain, via MRI, shows electric and hormonal activity indicative of conscious thought. Further testing has detected no heartbeat, or further signs of life. How exactly the parasitic entity causes this brain activity is unknown. However, study of brain tissue samples extracted from the corpse, indicate the brain waves provide a form of nutrition for the parasite. .

A misinformation campaign regarding the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa was employed with a cover story of criminal involvement.

Hoffa's body ceased animation on ██/██/19██, with the production of AF-019-2 beginning five days later on the surface of the skin. Autopsy on the corpse of Hoffa, revealed the internal organs had been replaced by duplicates, made from chitin, with only exemption being the brain.

Infection consists of three stages. To date, recovery of the infected individuals is approximately ██% out of ███ total infections. Individuals with a criminal background are more susceptible to infection, though the cause of this is unknown. In order to examine symptoms of infection, EXP-level personnel were exposed to AF-019-2 infected tissue.


Stage one: Infected individuals, referred to in this document as AF-019-2-A, begin suffering respiratory issues, similar to that of pneumonia within twenty minutes of initial infection. Within three hours of infection, AF-019-2-A instances will begin experiencing seizures. Five hours into infection, AF-019-2-A will move into Stage 2. If seizures do not begin within the three hour period after initial infection, chance of recovery is high, but not guaranteed.

Stage two: AF-019-2-A instances begin emitting brain waves similar to Hoffa. They no longer are considered sapient once stage two begins. The infected individuals begin to utter words and phrases, with no discernible pattern to utterances, outside of subject matter. Instances with criminal pasts, especially those guilty of heinous crimes, will say words related to these crimes, with some saying the names of victims involved with these crimes. Timelines of these events typically do not play a factor in the order of phrases spoken.

Stage Three: [REDACTED]

Protocols of Containment: Bi-Weekly brain scans, as well as weekly medical examinations of AF-019-2 are to be carried out. Medical staff performing these examinations are to wear standard biohazardous protective gear, at all times. Any staff who come in contact with AF-019-2 are to be terminated immediately, or risk spreading contagion.

Item AF-019-1 is to be in a biohazardous quarantine cell at all times. Breach of quarantine protocol is grounds for disciplinary actions.

Discovery of Abnormality: AF-019-1 was detained by Foundation personnel, following his exit from the Machus Red Fox Restaurant on July 30, 1975. ARC agents, in a local medical facility, had detected no blood pressure or pulse during a routine medical examination on ██/██/19██. Medical personnel not under Bureau employ at the facility were dosed with amnesiac substances shortly after.

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