Abnormality File #020
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Abnormality #: AF-020

Hazard Level: Yellow

Abnormal Characteristics:

Consists of two items, designated AF-20-1 and AF-20-2. AF-20-1 is a group of children, wearing WW2 era austrian gas masks. Said children appear within the town of ███████, located within the ███████ mountain range, once per week. The number of children varies, with numbers as high as thirty children, and as low as five. Approximated ages (based on appearance) have also varied, between six years old and fifteen. The reasons behind these fluctuations are, as of yet, unknown.

AF-20-2 is a thick fog, which after chemical residue was examined, in the aftermath of an AF-20 event, has been determined to consist of Dichlorodiethyl sulfide (Mustard Gas.)

The first appearance of the children occured on the same day as the spring solstice. Locals describe the children as somewhat transparent. Moreover, despite several eyewitnesses, including Bureau personnel investigating the claims, seeing this "fog" it is unable to be picked up on any recording devices. Investigation is on going, however the town was evacuated until further notice and a containment site built.

Protocols of Containment:

A perimeter, constructed of six inch steel plating has built around the approximate zones of appearance and disappearance of the fog and the "children". Using the farthest point of emergence (2 km in any given direction away from the town, according to witnesses) and dissipation (4 km opposite the point of emergence) the final perimeter was found. There are two points of exit/entry for personnel. Any individuals not affiliated with the bureau, who exit this perimeter, are to be detained.

Personnel are to wear standard biohazard gear, and gas masks at all times while within the area of effect of AF-020.

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